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Glock Crash Course


You’ll be learning in-depth knowledge into the makeup of a Glock and how to maintain and operate your gun so you KNOW that the weapon you have at your side won’t fail you should you ever need to pull it out and use it.

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Glock's are one of the most reliable guns out there and the weapon of choice for our very own law enforcement. It's hard to argue against this gun with it's proven track record of accuracy and it's perfect balance of concealability and magazine capacity.

Now I see a lot of guys out there who are probably decent shots but know next to nothing about the gun they carry.

If that sounds like you then here's something that might will not only fix the problem but may very well end up saving your life.

Believe me when I say most people buy a Glock because they heard it from someplace or another that it's a good gun. The problem with this logic is that not only are you betting your life on someone else's opinion, you're also choosing a weapon that you have little to no knowledge about.So you went out and got yourself a Glock. Good choice.

But first, I want to congratulate you for taking action and buying your Glock! I'm also glad you know how important it is to know how your weapon operates.

Taking the time to learn how your gun operates isn't something most people like to spend time one. It's not as flashy as learning how to shoot or tactical manoeuvres. While that kind of training is also important (you will need it), knowing how your gun functions and how to fix it should something happen is equally important.


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