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Crows Tactical Holster Platform Firearm Blades




What makes the Crows Tactical Holster systems the most unique and versatile holsters on the market today is the “Patent Pending” design of the “Blade”. The “Blades” are weapon specific by make and model and will ensure a “tailored fit” to lock your weapon securely in place. You decide which weapon fits you carry needs of the day, insert that weapon specific blade and “Lock n’ Load” and when your carry needs change to a different weapon, you remove the current blade and insert the new designated weapon blade into the core holster.


This page represents the stand-alone blades only and does not include the holster.

Additional information

Blade Style

1911 With Rails, 1911 Without Rails, Beretta 92F and Variants, Beretta Nano, Beretta PX Storm, Canik Series, CZ-2075 Rami, CZ-75/SP-01 and Variants, CZ-P07 / CZ-P09 Family, FN 5.7 Series, FN X/S/P Series, Glock Family G21-G43, Heckler and Koch 2000 Series / USP Full Size Series, Heckler and Koch P30 Series, Heckler and Koch USPC Series, Heckler and Koch VP Series, Ruger LC Series, Ruger SR Series, Sig Sauer P226 / P227 / P228 and Variants, Sig Sauer P229 / P225 / P2022, Sig Sauer P320 / P250, Smith and Wesson M/P, Shield, SDV Family, Springfield XD/XDM/XDS Family, Taurus PT Series Family / Bersa Thunder, Walther PPQ Series, Walther PPS Series


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