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Looking for a few core essentials and want to save a few bucks? These product bundles may be for you.


Here are the different bundles:

More about each product:


Adhesive 8 Inch Bulls-eye Reactive Targets

These 8-inch bulls-eye targets are perfect for training indoors or outdoors. With the strongest adhesive on the market, they will stick and stay in temperatures between -20 F to +160 F. A special printing process and high-quality materials eliminate glare and increase visibility. The bulls-eye is great for sighting in rifles or running tactical drills.

-Target sheet size: 9×9 inches

-Actual size of adhesive target: 8 inch circle

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Pig Lube Range Kit: Compact Cleaning Kit

This enhanced 26-piece compact Cleaning Kit is a top of the line kit designed to fit in your range bag and go wherever you go. It works for common handgun and rifle calibers and includes the new industry standard in lubrication and solvent from Pig Lube.

Pieces included:

  • Durable ripstop heavy duty canvas cover and zip closure
  • 5 – Locking lug brushes
  • 7 – 5″ Connecting cleaning rods for up to 35″ of cleaning travel
  • 1 – Chamber flag
  • 1 – 9mm cleaning brush
  • 1 – .40 cal cleaning brush
  • 1 – .45 cal cleaning brush
  • 1 – .22 cal cleaning brush
  • 1 – .223/5.56 combination chamber and locking lugs cleaning brush
  • 1 – Swab loop
  • 1 – Angled steel pick
  • 1 – Straight steel pick
  • 100 – cleaning swabs
  • 1 – Push rod handle
  • 1 – .5oz tube of Pig Lube Scented
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TACOST Training Card Program for Pistol

The TACOST Pistol training card set will develop the shooter’s skill sets through specific drills and measurable goals while maintaining a low round count to high yield in performance. Each program is broken down into marksmanship, speed, baselines and dry fire groups.

TACOST Pistol Features:

• Four different training groups
• Thirteen training sessions per group
• Safety and evolution briefs
• Easy to follow training instructions
• Clearly defined objectives and scoring
• Suggested tracking protocol
• Portable, rugged and convenient

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Handgun Training Drill Cards and Log Book – Live Fire Drill Cards

The convenient range-bag size training logs containing the skill Progression Series of 30 drills to get you started quickly and accelerate your shooting improvement. These drills generally progress from easy in the front to more difficult toward the back.  The Handgun Training Logs have everything needed to start training and progress in skill level.

The log is divided into 5 sections to create a fully functional training system, which are:

The Training Log contains several log cards to get you started to capture all information related to practice, training and education.

Active Drills includes drill cards D-001 to D-006 to get you started with Accuracy First, a foundational training approach used to create a positive, encouraging experience and rapid improvement through a focus on accuracy.  All drills use a standard format.  Learn to read the first 2-3 drills and you can read all of the drills, from now on.

Loadouts contains several loadout cards to capture and track all aspects of our handgun, holster and ammo combination you use to shoot.

Spare Drills contain the balance of the drill cards D-007 through D-030.  Each drill card is a stand-alone drill and can record performance results 7 times.  Over half of the drills can be run indoors depending on range rules. The drills get generally more challenging moving from the front of the set (D-001) to the back of the set (D-030).

Information includes definitions that are common to shooting and are used in the log.

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    This bundle is great. Has a lot of tools to maximize your range or dry fire time.

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