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Comprehensive Beginner Shooter Kit

$235.80 $219.24

Our favorite range bag, lube, oil, cleaning kit, electronic muffs, glasses, a first aid kit, and an armory tool in one convenient product bundle. Take advantage of these savings and get the gear you need!



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Allen Axiom Electronic Lo-Profile Shooting Ear Muff

  • Electronic Muffs allow you to hear instructors, friends, and the Range Safety Officer's voices while blocking out the sound of the firearms
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25dB
  • Meets ANSI S3.19 and CE EN352 requirements
  • Independent Volume control
  • Dynamic level sound compression
  • Quad microphone stereo sound
  • Memory foam ear-cups
  • Soft padded adjustable headband

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Allen Photon Shooting Glasses

  • Shooting safety glasses will protect your eyes from ricochets, extracted shell casings and more
  • Meet ANSI Z87+ high velocity standards
  • Meet CE ISO 12312-1:2103 standards
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-Scratch coating
  • Non-Slip rubber noise piece
  • Wrap around frames with dual injection rubber temples

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VISM Expert Range Bag in Black

  • Extremely roomy main compartment and five outer compartments you will have room for all of your accessories, ammo, magazines and whatever else you need to take to the range
  • Includes Main Compartment Organizer with three removable organizer bags and brass bag
  • Two Outer Compartments include elastic Magazine Holders for Both Rifle and Pistol Magazines
  • An Outer Compartment with Pen Holders, Eye Protection Pocket, and Pockets for a notepad

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30-Piece Rifle/Handgun Cleaning Kit

  • Brass Rods , Jags, and Loops  & Disposable and biodegradable natural fiber cloths
  • Shotgun & Pistol handles with .17-45 cal. pistol/rifle rods
  • Bore Brushes: .17 cal., .38 cal., 9mm, .40-.45 cal., 10mm, 410, 20/28 gauge, 10/12 gauge
  • Brass Jags: .30-.32 cal., .35 cal./9mm, .40-.45 cal / 10mm, .17 cal., .22 cal., .270 cal. / 7mm
  • Mops: 410, 20/28 gauge, 10/12 gauge, .22-.25 cal., .38-.357 cal.
  • Brushes: .22 cal., .270 cal., .30 cal.
  • Shotgun and rifle rod adapters for jags, brushes and loops
  • (2) Slotted loops for use with cleaning swabs

Currently sold for $22.94 this combo pack brings you the best cleaning products in the industry in one kit

Pig Lube Gun Lubricant and Pig Lube Cleaner

  • Use the lubricant for normal cleaning and lubrication
  • PigLube Lubricant features Nano Particle Technology which means less cleaner and better lubrication with time
  • The industry unique applicator makes it easier to apply where you need it without any mess
  • PigLube Cleaner is formulated to allow for the deepest penetration of carbon, rust, gunpowder and other fouling agents
  • Use PigLube Cleaner is for the dirtiest of jobs

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Armory Tool

  • Use the loading tool to save your thumbs when loading your magazines
  • The builtin 1911 Barrel Wrench will make it easy to field strip any 1911 for cleaning or maintenance.
  • The rimfire side-button facilitates easy loading of traditional .22 caliber rimfire magazines
  • The unloading tool speeds up the process of unloading your magazines  so you can save your springs and make your mags last longer

These are sold on Amazon for $10.28 and its the best compact first aid kit you can get!

60 Piece First Aid Kit

  • The outer case is constructed of durable, lightweight nylon cloth that is bright in color to make it easy to locate.
  • A detailed First Aid Kit Owner's Guide is also included with basic first aid instructions.
  • Kit includes: Acetaminophen, Antibiotic Ointment Packets, Aintiseptic Towelettes, Aspirin Tablets, Bandages, Adhesive 1″ x 3″ 5, Bandages, Burn Cream Packets, Butterfly Closures, Moleskin, 3″ x 2″, Sting Relief Pads


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