Complete Shooter Kit

$398.99 GunFighter Oil MantisX Ready Up Gear SSP Eyewear

Our favorite range bag, law book, training tools, lube, cleaning kit, electronic muffs, glasses, a top of the line trauma kit, in one convenient product bundle. Take advantage of these savings and get the gear you need!

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Ready Up Gear Roger 22 Electronic Lo-Profile Shooting Earmuffs

  • Electronic Muffs allow you to hear instructors, friends, and the Range Safety Officer's voices while blocking out the sound of the firearms
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22dB
  • Meets ANSI and CE requirements
  • Adjustable Volume control
  • Dynamic level sound compression
  • 2 Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Soft padded adjustable headband
  • Auxiliary audio input 3.5mm jack

Comparable Low-profile Electronic Ear Muffs run $39.99 – $79.99

SSP Eyewear Skykomish Shooting Glasses

  • Shooting safety glasses will protect your eyes from ricochets, extracted shell casings and more
  • Meet ANSI Z87+ high velocity standards
  • Meet CE ISO 12312-1:2103 standards
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-Scratch coating
  • Non-Slip rubber nose piece
  • Wrap-around frames

Comparable glasses run $12.99 to 19.99

The Range Ruck Handgun Backpack

  • Easy Access 4-Handgun Storage compartment
  • Built-in rainfly
  • Storage pouches for 12 magazines
  • Massive Top Compartment for Ammo, Ears, Glasses, and much more
  • Molle webbing on the outside for the easy attachment of a trauma kit or other pouch and gear
  • Made from durable 600D Nylon

The best handgun range bag on the market. Retail price: $119.99

MantisX3 Firearm Training System

  • Shoot better with real-time, data-driven feedback
  • Attach to any pistol or rifle with a rail or rail adapter
  • Designed for live-fire AND dry fire on your firearm
  • Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time
  • Free app provides real-time feedback on shooting mechanics (iOS, Android)

These are selling on Amazon right now for $176.57 and have GREAT Reviews…

Ready Up Gear Handgun Cleaning Kit

  • Durable ripstop heavy duty canvas cover and zip closure
  • Bore Brushes: .22 cal., .38, .357, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal.
  • 10.5″ Brass Gun Cleaning Rod (in 2 segments)
  • 1 Angled Steel Pick
  • 100 Cleaning Patches
  • Brass Jags for .22 cal., .38, .357, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal.
  • 1 Nylon Brush
  • Large and Small Brass Slotted Tip

These currently retail for $29.99 and might be the only cleaning kit you ever buy

Gunfighter Gun Oil Lubricant

  • Operating range at -43°F to 547°F
  • Lubricating properties do not change after extended use
  • When lubed, stays lubed and not degraded over time
  • Odorless – so what you hunt, won’t smell you coming

Currently sold for $11.99 this is the highest quality cleaning product on the market.

MCF Spark Flashlight

  • The body is no wider in diameter than is absolutely necessary to run a CR123A battery and has the same diameter from head to tail. 2cm wide not including the belt clip.
  • Knurling in the body of the light makes it easy to grip.
  • High strength steel belt clip won't budge unless you choose to remove it. Designed to clip onto reinforced pockets. Slips on quickly and easily without causing damage to your pockets.
  • Orient the body of the light in either direction to change the orientation of the clip.
  • The flashlight can run from 4 different types of batteries. The AA, 14500, CR123a, and the 16340. See specifications below for runtime and lumen output.
  • When running a AA battery use the included spacer on either side of the body for increased modularity.

The brightest flashlight of its size on the market and an absolute bargain at the normal price of $49.99

The Yellowstone Trauma Kit

  • Comes with the SWAT-T Wrap tourniquet from H&H Medical
  • Includes the TacMed compact Tramedic pressure bandage
  • Includes 1 Z-Folded ChitoGauze Bandage
  • Includes 2 Twin Compact Hyfin Chest Seals
  • Includes small shears and a mini black marker
  • Includes 2 Pair of Heavy Duty Nitrile gloves
  • Includes a 5yd elastic bandage with hook/loop self-closure
  • Includes 1x Z-Folded Compressed Gauze
  • Comes all together in a strong nylon molle carrying pouch

The collective value of the components that make up this Trauma Kit is $116.18!

Legal Boundaries By State – The Travel Guide For American Gun Owners

Contains Answers to These Questions:

  • Which states allow me to carry a “loaded” firearm in the passenger compartment of my vehicle?
  • Which states allow me to carry a concealed firearm with or without a license to carry?
  • Which states honor my permit to carry a concealed firearm?
  • Which states allow carry in restaurants serving alcohol?
  • Which states’ laws allow open carry of a firearm while on foot?
  • Which states prohibit the mere possession of a handgun while in a vehicle?
  • In which states is it better to carry a rifle or shotgun for personal protection?
  • Which states prevent localities from regulating firearms carry?
  • Which states require permittees to declare their status to Law Enforcement?
  • How can I legally possess firearms in National Parks and Forests?
  • Which states allow me to carry a firearm in their state parks?
  • How can I transport firearms on commercial airline, cruise ships & trains?
  • How can I transport firearms through a state that prohibits any gun possession?
  • Which states guarantee my right to self-defense in their statutes?
  • Which states allow vehicle carry on university and college campuses?

Endorsed by GOA, Attorney Andrew Branca, and countless Firearm Instructors and dealers, this is the best selling gun law book in America.


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