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Brave Response ‘Vorn’ Holster

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All the comfort you have come to expect from us, built for average framed guys and gals carrying strong side inside the waistband.

Holster Fits Waist sizes 28″- 46″, for customers up to a 70″ waist we offer a waistband extender that can be found Here.



The Brave Response Vorn Holster was developed exclusively based on customer feedback,  While the original was ‘by a massive man for the massive man,’ the Vorn is geared more towards average frame individuals that want to carry strong side IWB. It features our revolutionary ‘Strap 3’ while most holsters are trying to use clips and hardware to push your pants away from the body and push the gun in toward the body to reduce printing, we went the opposite direction. With Strap 3 the gun sucks into the body without adding bulk and pressure points reducing printing, providing a low level retention and maximum comfort, and the Vorn comes complete with fully adjustable thumb break retention like the Original.

Vorn is an old Norse word for defense.

Handgun Accessories;

  • The holster does NOT accommodate any firearms with trigger guard or tac rail mounted lights or lasers.


Now Only $59

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Left Hand, Right Hand

1 review for Brave Response ‘Vorn’ Holster

  1. AJ

    Couldn’t have asked for a better conceal carry holster yet to date. Much appreciated and worth the price

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