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AR15 Crash Course


Check out more info on 14-year U.S. Army Veteran, EJ Owens’ new “AR-15 Crash Course” and make sure you claim your special discount before it’s gone.

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This training program is not sold by USA Firearm Training. Clicking on the “Learn More” link above will take you to the vendor’s website where you can learn more and decide if you would like to purchase the product.

I’ve seen a HUGE rise in the amount of AR owners recently, probably thanks to those gun-grabbing politicians trying to make things ‘safe’ for us.

Problem is, more than half of them don’t know squat about actually using one.

Well, my buddy, EJ Owens, Former U.S. Army Infantry Officer designed this course for AR owners in maintaining an operating this weapon system, not only to show those guys what the Second Amendment is ‘really’ about, but to keep our homes and families safe.

If you have an AR at home, this is for you. Because no matter what kind of ‘hardware’ you’re packing, in the end it all comes down to training to make the difference between life or death.

Go check it out now.


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