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Aggressive Glass Breaker Tactical Pen

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Introducing this branded tactical pen. Count on it for solid durability and reliability.

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Made from aircraft-grade aluminum for extreme strength and portability. This pen is light enough to keep in a pocket or bag but strong enough to use a defensive striking tool or weapon.

The handle has a threaded design to ensure a strong, non-slip grip that you can feel.

The pen includes a hard and sharp glass breaker tool which can be used to break a window in an emergency.

The heavy-duty clip is sturdy and tight allowing you to attach it to your shirt, pant pocket, backpack or notebook.

Twist the pen body to deploy a standard ballpoint pen which writes smoothly and reliably.

Package includes the pen along with a single ink cartridge. Replacement ink cartridges are readily available on Amazon and other office supply stores.

4 reviews for Aggressive Glass Breaker Tactical Pen

  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    This is one of the least expensive tactical pens that I can find but you get a lot of bang for your buck with this guy. Feels substantial and I’m sure I can break auto glass with the tip… although I hope that I won’t have to do that. Another plus is that I always have my own pen to use and not have to touch other gross COVID pens when signing papers.

  2. josh.hotai (verified owner)

    Update: TSA in Salt Lake Airport took this pen. Apparently they don’t like the glass breaker part. But my tactical light was ok, so go figure.

  3. Eric W (verified owner)

    I really like this tac pen for several reasons:

    1: It’s a bit shorter than most so in an average size man’s hand, it sticks out only and inch on each side if held centered. That’s all you need.

    2: It’s thicker than I usually see so You can get a better grip around it which also further solidifies your hand for a punch. Like a roll of dimes.

    3: It has a point on each end for max discomfort for your opponent. If you want to use it to break other things with a hammer, pad the pen end with cloth.

    4: It deploys the ballpoint with an easy twist. No more unscrewing the cap off or dealing with the bolt-action pens that break or fall off.

    Only flaw I see is you have to buy a new one when it goes dry, but no big deal.

  4. d3varms (verified owner)

    It writes, it breaks stuff, it’s comfortable in the hand, it fits well in molle.

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