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9 Disc Self Defense DVD Training Set



This 9 Disc DVD Set Includes…

The “3 Domains of Personal Protection…”

Self-defense is more than martial arts, combatives, marksmanship or “Tactical” Training… 

To get a complete self-defense strategy you will need training and exposure to the following 3 Domains:

  • Mindset
  • Physical Skills (hand to hand skills, defensive shooting, and defensive tools) 
  • Application of Skill in Various Environments (public areas, vehicle, home, or workplace)

You can have all the skill imaginable, but without the proper mindset, you could find yourself “frozen in time” unable to execute the necessary skills to deal with the problem. 
On the other hand, you could have a rock solid mindset, but without the necessary skills you could end up “improvising” with whatever comes to you – once again leaving you behind the curve.

But, what if you have the right mindset and a set of skills at your disposal, but you are unable to apply your skills in a specific environment. You may have great shooting scores on marksmanship course, but can you apply the same amount of skill in a dark alley after you’ve been hit?

The Comprehensive Self-Defense DVD bundle is designed to expose you to the various skills you need to develop in order to protect yourself and loved ones regardless of the environment.   

 Whether you are in your home, vehicle, workplace or in a public space, you will gain the knowledge you need to deal with the worst case scenario.

To become truly prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to have both a micro and macro approach to your training. This DVD bundle will give you the “50,000-foot view”…

DVDs include skill development tips and drills for live fire training

Topics covered in this DVD set includes:

  • Unarmed Self-Defense  
  • Mindset & Preparation 
  • Armed Home Defense 
  • Home Security 
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement 
  • Aftermath of a Defensive Event 
  • Vehicular Defense 
  • Defensive Handguns 
  • Knife Defense

Brought to you by Top Personal Defense Experts!

  • Former LEO/Mental Health Professional, William Aprill
  • US Training Center’s Top Driving Instructor, Buddy Basnett
  • Knife Defense expert, Alessandro Padovani
  • Lead Instructor of Shooting Performance, Mike Seeklander
  • Black Belt Magazine Woman of the Year 2012, Kelly Muir
  • Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program and Founder of I.C.E. Training Company, Rob Pincus


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