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3 Speed Holster


Every holster is built to order from the ground up, to your body frame and your gear of choice. Using factory exact replicas…each handgun and spare magazine are precisely fit by highly trained professionals. Always a “perfect fit” because your life depends on it. Our current turnaround time is posted on the page just before you get to the order form.


The Original Fail-Safe Draw System

Full combat grip…every time.The back plate cones as you draw your weapon, This literally funnels your hand into the proper firing grip. In that same motion, the retention on your firearm is cut, and releases the handgun for an extra smooth extraction.

A solid purchase on your handgun…with your hand in the full and proper firing position…“while the gun is still holstered“. It’s a faster, smoother, and safer way to draw…we guarantee it!

Five Types of Comfort

1. Total “gear off body” design…no more brick of a gun against your body. No matter what position you’re in.
2. The ultimate in long duration comfort. Maximum balanced weight distribution, spreads the load to more muscles, drastically reducing fatigue. Weight is distributed horizontally and vertically as well. Every curve and shape is designed with purpose…giving structure and stability.
3. Extremely maneuverable…ability to shift holster positions…fine tune and make adjustments, with stealth and ease.
4. Custom sized to fit your body. After a few days of wear, it begins to become even more streamlined, eventually conforming to the shape of your body.
5. Complete freedom of movement. From sitting to running, to full hand to hand combat situations.


Built Tough, Built To Last

Right down to the thread, Bonded V92 Ultra Dee UV Thread is the industry standard for high quality Sail Making. It’s very thick, extremely strong and designed to stand up to the elements.

Genuine Nylon Velcro® 15 years of daily use. Tough high grade Twill lining, as well as the super soft faux leather (designed for skin contact). Superior Abrasion Resistance, Wyzenbeek rated to an incredible 100,000 double rubs. Stands up to -20˚F. Mildew Resistant, Stain Resistant, Water Proof, keeps your weapon safe and dry.

The outer material is for gripping cloth (the inside of your pants).  The inner material is designed for channeling heat and sweat and remaining completely stable under all conditions…wet or dry, always a clean solid draw.
The elastic is not just “military spec” but you get a double portion of it. Every holster is built with care and to our rigorous specifications…because your life depends on it…we take that very seriously. Built Tough, Built To Last.


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