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3-Pack of LFDC Firearm Training Drill Cards

(6 customer reviews)


These are stand-alone or replacement drill cards originally sold as part of the Burnett Live Fire Drill Cards Training Log Book.

Fun and popular drills that offer a challenge to all skill levels are instantly available with our amazing selection of drill cards.

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What Are These Cards All About?

These Cards Are Part of A Revolutionary New Firearm Training System Designed To Help You Shoot Better Faster

  •  Save Money: These cards mean you need less shots to improve your skills
  •  Save Time: Go to the range with purpose and direction
  •  Shoot Faster & Better: Training the right drills the right way will help you form the skills that are critical for any serious self-defense shooter

6 reviews for 3-Pack of LFDC Firearm Training Drill Cards

  1. Neldon (verified owner)

    Received my set of cards quickly, less than a week from request.
    They are well designed and very good for training differing skill sets and for tracking your progress.

  2. Wendy (verified owner)

    Received my cards yesterday in the mail – haven’t had a chance to make use of them yet.

  3. Alice (verified owner)

    Thank you for the drill cards. I collect training drills, as well as targets. Because I teach Gun classes, I find these useful to use as is, or adjusted to fit a particular student. Thank you for offering these. I would have given a perfect score, had I not already had the “Bill Drill” in my file.

  4. Mike Hall (verified owner)

    Excellent drills to address various skill sets and focus your training. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

  5. TJ (verified owner)

    Amazing for practice, I learned things I need to work on that I didn’t even really know I needed to work on. Amazing product for really cheap

  6. Rahel (verified owner)

    I haven’t used my cards yet, but I got them really quickly and I think they’re great!

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