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Your Training Tracker and Firearm Library

A common request we get from our advanced students is how they can best log their training and firearms. This is the reason we created this training tracking tool and firearm library. Sound weird? Here are some reasons why our students ask for this:

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Top 5 Articles This Year from University of Guns

We have a good relationship with the team over at They are very passionate and dedicated to putting out quality information and content for their readers and members. I reached out to them yesterday and asked them to check their website analytics and tell me what are the 5 most popular articles they have […]

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Pennsylvania Now Honors Ohio CCW Permits

Pennsylvania has recently added Ohio as a state whose permit will be honored in Pennsylvania. As we previously announced, Ohio’s law recently changed to honor permits from all other states and in doing so it would seem that they now meet the requirements in Pennsylvania 6106(b)(15) of the Uniform Firearms Act that grants reciprocity to […]

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Gov. Sam Brownback signed legislation Thursday adding Kansas to the short list of states allowing unlicensed possession of concealed firearms and eliminating a weapons training mandate for people to carry hidden guns. THAD ALLTON THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Concealed Carry in Kansas Without Permit Signed Into Law

Kansas has joined five other states in allowing locals 21 and older to carry concealed firearms without the need of a permit. The new law, signed in by Governor Brownback on April 2nd, goes into effect on July 1st. Local citizens will still be able to apply for the Kansas concealed weapon permit if they […]

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