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nevada permit reciprocity

Nevada Drops 2 States and Adds 12 Others

Earlier this month the Nevada Governor signed into law SB175 which, in addition to other changes, removed the requirement for a state to have “similar training requirements” in order for Nevada to honor their permit. On June 18th Nevada published an updated list of the states whose permits it honors

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are guns registered

Are Guns Registered in the USA? 5 ATF Databases Exposed

It is also worth noting that not withstanding a Federal Restriction, there actually are several national firearm databases in addition to the several states or cities that keep their own local, and arguably illegal, databases of firearms and their owners. Here is a list of those municipalities…

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Is Your Firearm Cramping Your Social Life?

For those of you who spend time at clubs or the bar, or even participate in bowling leagues, per nights, or other environments where people are expected to throw back a few beers, you may feel like you have to leave your firearm at home often than you bring it with you.

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