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Ohio Now Recognizes Valid Permits From All States

The change that effects the greatest number of people is that Ohio will now recognize any valid permit from any US state in Ohio. So if your permit was recently not honored in Ohio you now have some additional flexibility when you travel to the Buckeye State. This is also good for Ohio permit holders […]

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A Responsible Concealed Carry Permit Holder

Now that you have exercised your right to carry a firearm, the next big step is the journey of being a responsible CCW permit holder. You may have thought that finding the right firearm safety course or getting a knowledgeable firearm instructor to train you was a big deal.

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directory of gun ranges

The National Firearm Business Directory Launch

The directory is a compilation of businesses that are either in the firearm industry (ranges, stores, instructors, gunsmiths, etc) or businesses that prohibit firearms. Thus if you are trying to find a gun dealer or shooting range near you a quick visit to the directory will help you.

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