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memorial day

Why Memorial Day 2015 Is Worth Celebrating

Diversity makes us strong but only blood keeps us safe. This memorial day remember those whose sacrifice has been given in blood on a battle field. That is why we all have an equal obligation to remember and honor those who have given their own lives to defend this nation and the few things we […]

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Too Many Places that Prohibit Guns?

Some people say that they don’t carry their concealed firearm because there are too many places that prohibit firearms. If you have found that a large number of the places you go prohibit you from bringing your firearm please review these potential suggestions

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difficulty concealing

Difficulty Concealing the Firearm

Carrying a concealed firearm is a lifestyle change. You can’t expect to be able to move forward carrying a gun without having to make some other substantial changes to your lifestyle. What you wear and how you move during the day are both significant factors in keeping that firearm concealed.

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