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Episode 44: Concealed Carry On Campus

A conversation discussing the politics, laws, and best practices of concealed firearms on college campuses. Students, professors, and deans and protesting and and quitting at Texas Universities. The drama isn’t warranted and this is what you need to know.

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edc survey

Four Questions About Your EDC

As a company we are always trying to better understand our students, followers, and rs. It helps us prepare the best content, training, and products to best serve today’s gun owners. Along those s we have just published a four question survey about how you carry your every day carry firearm.

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The End of Slide-Bite. Grip Force Adapters [VIDEO REVIEW]

Blood is really hard to clean out of your gun so consider this product to give you added protection from Slide Bite on your Glock. Made to extend the beavertail, this clever grip adapter can also help your overall control and accuracy. We break it down in this written and video combination review.

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Video Is Our Next Frontier – Message From Jacob Paulsen

Our YouTube channel has been alive for over a year but up to this point our video strategy has been disorganized. We have published a lot of great reviews and content, mostly contributed by a handful of our instructors. Now we want to put forward a centralized and concerted effort at publishing Quality content.

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