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Missouri Will Be The Latest State to Have Constitutional Carry

Despite efforts by the Missouri Governor to impede gun rights; Missouri will become a “Constitutional Carry State” starting January 1st 2017. This will allow most adults to carry concealed without a permit, in the state, as Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature used its majority to overpower the governor’s veto attempts and bring the changes into place.

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Episode 54: Air Travel With a Firearm & Ammo

Air travel has been on our mind lately after a couple of trips, plus it is one of the top questions we get from listeners and students in our classes. Wanna know how to properly prepare and package your firearm and ammunition for a trip through the skies?? Listen in!!…

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Why the NRA is Moving to Online Training

Most major industries and programs have some sort of on presence where they have taken something that used to require a face-to-face meeting and found a way to turn it to an on program that creates ease on both the consumer and the company. The NRA has recently taken this step with its on training […]

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