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Violence and self defense

Is Violence Ever Justified?

With the exception maybe of Shin Monks living in a mountaintop temple, violence is part of our everyday life; and it is not unique to humans. Every form of life exists in a constant struggle to survive in a world of unforgiving nature and hungry predators. Think of your daily exposure to violence: news reports […]

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Episode 143: Study Claims “Good Guy With a Gun” Is Bogus

Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories in the concealed carry and firearms industry world including some important legal updates out of a DC Circuit Court on the issue of the right of publicly carrying a firearm. Will this ruling make it to the Supreme Court paving the way for a definitive constitutional interpretation? […]

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dry fire training with laser

Dry Fire Training With Laser Simulation

While very practical I always felt that little sense of healthy fear when I was dry firing my gun at home. No matter how many times I checked and inspected it I was still afraid of some sort of discharge and I had to be super careful to make sure I reloaded the gun after […]

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