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Episode 134: Keeping a Gun on the Nightstand?

Topic: Keeping a Gun on the Nightstand? Today Riley and Jacob talk about different ways and strategies for keeping your gun handy yet secure on or near the nightstand for quick access while sleeping. Jacob spent some time evaluating and comparing different quick access safes including how quickly you can deploy and even compared this to […]

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Episode 133: Lessons Learned From the Philando Castile Shooting Video

Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories in the concealed carry and firearms industry world including some important updates out of Nevada and Oregon as far as reciprocity is concerned, Illinois is cracking down on violent offenders, one man credits his training with being able to stop a violent bear attack. Meanwhile military snipers are […]

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Nexbelt Leather Concealed Carry Gun Belt Review [VIDEO]

Nexbelt: A Gun Belt For the Modern Times? Every so often a product comes along that has the capability of really changing your world … and by that, I mean that this concealed carry belt, from Nexbelt, is one of those products that has had a subtle, but significant change in my day-to-day life. Nexbelt […]

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nevada permit reciprocity

Nevada Now Honoring Oregon Concealed Carry Permits

The State of Nevada has updated their official website to reflect a new reciprocity arrangement they have finalized with the State of Oregon. This means moving forward, those of you with the Concealed Carry permit (both resident and non-resident permits) from the State of Oregon can carry concealed per Nevada Concealed Carry law when visiting.

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