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Concealed Carry Holder Florida Church Burglar

Police Arriving On Scene Caught On Camera

Ok, stick with me this is going to be a bit of a story but it’s worth reading through this… In early April of 2016 a NBC news team was driving down the road when they stumbled upon a man who had a firearm pointed at another man outside a church. They pulled over and […]

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Marksmanship Skills Tactical Shooting

Episode 8: Are Marksmanship Skills Overrated?

When you get to the range to do some training you judge your skills in part by your ability to group shots near the bullseye of the target but Jacob thinks that is a backwards approach. Today we discuss why groupings the size of basketballs are probably better than tight golf ball groupings.

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home intruder defense tactics

Easy Home Defense Tactics Article Updated

Over a year ago we published a list of 20 easy to implement home defense tactics that can collectively almost guarantee you don’t have home intruders. We have now updated and refreshed that post with tactics and better images. We hope you will check it out.

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Concealed Carry at Church_011117

Concealed Carry in Churches

We review Concealed Carry tactics and laws relative to churches and houses of worship. Should you carry in church? How can you carry? What does the law say in your state? (50 state map)

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