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Only The Best | Staff’s Favorite Gear

Our store is filled with a lot of different gear and training courses. So the other day, my boss Jacob asked all the Concealed Carry employees to let him know what their favorite item in the store was. The responses covered a wide variety of products. So I have decided to post everyone’s picks here […]

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riley bowman drills

Defensive Gun Skills, Good Enough?

What level of defensive handgun skills does it take to win in a gunfight? Of course, no two defensive gun uses are exactly the same. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this means you shouldn’t train to any quantifiable standard. For example, we don’t know how good your driving skills might need to successfully […]

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tennessee passes constitutional carry

Constitutional Carry win for Tennessee

3rd State in 2021 Passes Permitless/Constitutional Carry Good news from the home state of Davey Crockett. Provided Governor Bill Lee signs the legislation into law, Tennessee will become the third state in 2021, to enact permitless carry. This legislation is commonly referred to as constitutional carry. Governor Lee sponsored the bill, so it is unlikely […]

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AR15 ban

Podcast Question: Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15?

When was the last time you heard that AR-15 assault rifles and other weapons of war have no place on our streets? Will banning or highly regulating all AR-15 rifles make the average citizen safer? And who needs an AR-15 anyhow? What are the top reasons for owning an AR-15? I hope to answer these […]

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