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Well That Didn’t Take Long …

The 117th Congress wasn’t even seated for a full week when a slew of anti-gun bills were announced for pre-filing. If this is a sign of what’s to come then it is going to be a bumpy ride, to say the least. There are a few that bother me than others, but of course […]

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Fix NICS Background Check

What’s Next For Gun Rights? Nothing Good

The next couple of years are probably going to be rough for the Second Amendment and rs of freedom at large. Forget about (re) gaining ground for our (already significantly reduced) rights, retaining control of the senate was our only hope at keeping things the way they are now, and now that Georgia has voted […]

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Mantis Marksmanship courses

What I Learned From the Mantis Elite Marksman Course

I’ve been familiar with Mantis since they had their “popup” booth at SHOT Show in 2016. We’ve been resellers of the product here on our site since 2017. About a year ago I started seeing people on posting images of Mantis Patches earned by completing no-cost courses within the Mantis mobile app. It sounded […]

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KelTec’s New 5.7X28 P50 Pistol

I’m not sure I we up a couple of days ago when the P50 was announced thinking that I needed a 50 round 5.7X28 pistol. Then again, I never said I didn’t need one, either. This is exciting because it’s one of the first announcements from a major gun manufacturer around the time when we’d […]

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