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Defensive Sight Review: See All Open Sights on a Glock 27

Over the past year or so, I have made it my mission to investigate many different options for self-defense pistol sights.  There are several intriguing designs I have tested and evaluated over that time.  My testing and evaluation of these sights would be lacking if I did not include the See All Open Sight from Oversight Shooting […]

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Teaching Fundamentals and Safety With the UMAREX NXG APX Air Rifle

Firearm safety should be paramount in any responsible gun owner’s mind. Ingraining safe gun handling habits, as well as proper shooting fundamentals in children, is something that every parent (gun owner or not) has probably thought about. So it should not surprise you that the writers of Concealed Carry inc. have covered this topic several […]

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Beyond the Gun: Overview Of A Street Encounters Class

When you think concealed carry and self-defense, what do you have in mind? For most people, it’s about the gun. What gun to carry? How to carry it? How to get it out when needed? How to shoot it? Those are important questions, but they’re only a tiny part of the puzzle for the responsible […]

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