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How Dangerous Is Your Holster? [VIDEO]

I want to make sure whenever we make decisions on anything in life, that we make them with as much factual information as possible. In this video, I discuss two incidents in which a firearm owner had a negligent discharge due at least in some part to the holster they were using. Don’t worry, in […]

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Episode 96: Interview With Ratigan From MantisX

Oftentimes mi digital technology with firearms is a mistake in our opinion, or at least it is executed poorly. Smart guns that require a special watch to be within inches in order to fire, biometric safes that fail to open when you need them to, or even the government trying to force you to use […]

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South Carolina Will Now Honor Enhanced Permits From Mississippi

South Carolina has decided that the Enhanced permits from Mississippi meet their requirements and thus these permit holders will now be recognized and able to carry concealed in South Carolina. This is a welcome change for Mississippi permit holders and increases the value and incentive of taking the necessary class to get the enhanced state […]

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Episode 95: Interview With Top Shot Season 4 Winner Chris Cheng

We sit down with self-taught amateur and season 4 winner of History Channel’s Top Shot and now professional shooter sponsored by Bass Pro Shops…Chris Cheng! Chris goes over how he started in the shooting sports, what inspired him to take it to the next level, what it was like competing with the kind of stress […]

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