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Episode 63: How to Argue With Gun-Grabbers

We have a little different format for this episode that listeners should find interesting. Jacob talks about ways and means to debate and argue successfully with (and hopefully change their minds) with gun-grabbers. Riley talks about the problems with manual safeties on guns. Plus don’t miss the training tip and latest news!! Listen in now…

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Handgun Training in Adverse Conditions

Training During Adverse Conditions

The climates of Cleveland and San Diego probably couldn’t be opposite. San Diego has arguably the most ideal weather conditions of anywhere in the country, while Cleveland…well not so much. Dealing with firearm carry differences in those climates has led me…

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The Third Presidential Debate Review

Last night was the third and final Presidential debate, before the election on November 8th. The candidates, Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans were coming off of a second debate which hardly even mentioned guns or gun rights, the third debate definitely brought about some talking points by the two […]

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