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shoot to stop threats

Why Do We Use Deadly Force?

When we use deadly force, we are constantly reassessing the situation and determining if the threat still presents a risk of death or serious bodily harm. The point is to stop the threat. Once the threat is stopped we should cease using deadly force

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Guns Galore Continues, As SIG Announces New P365 Pistol

Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols — oh my! Ramping up for SHOT Show, 2018 another major gun maker announced today that they’ll be releasing a brand new to market gun that has us pretty excited. SIG Sauer’s P365 (as in it’s a gun you can carry 365 days per year) is a polymer-framed, striker-fired micro compact, […]

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The Ruger LCP is a micro-compact gun that is often recommended to new women shooters.

Women Don’t Have to Carry a Tiny, Pink Gun

By now, everyone should know that women make up an overwhelming percentage of new gun owners and concealed carriers. So much so that companies scrambled to introduce products specifically geared for women. Every woman will tell you this was welcomed, and long overdue. However, there was a problem. At least early on, all of the […]

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