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The Strength Of The Concealed Carry Family

An off duty deputy is attacked outside his vehicle while at a gas station. His wife is in the vehicle, and is able to fire shots at the suspects. The suspects do not expect to be shot at and flee, only after braking the deputies jaw during the assault.

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Episode 82: Cold Weather Carry

Shooting, training with and carrying a gun in cold weather presents a myriad of challenges. Today Riley and Matthew break down what some of these challenges are and how to compensate for them. Check it out….

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Episode 81: Uber Driver Stops Robbery

Florida is working towards passing open carry and allowing for on-campus carry in public schools; a prominent Atlanta attorney is in hot water after accidentally shooting his wife while riding in the car; a man accidentally discharges his weapon while trying to take a selfie in a strip club; the new CZ-USA P-10C striker-fired pistol; […]

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The Hidden Dangers Of Shooting Your Firearm

Even though we may have never had a negligent discharge, and always follow safe gun handling rules, you may not be as safe as you can be when using your firearms. I am talking about practicing good hygiene when in contact act with your firearms.

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