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Is the NRA really Killing Kids?

The NRA Is Killing Our Kids?

  Not only is shouting and disparaging someone not a great way to persuade them, it often times has the exact opposite effect. Galvanizing them in their opinion and reaffirming that they are rational and anyone arguing differently is not. For this reason, I have ALWAYS advocated in every instance that it is only productive […]

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If we are serious about making our schools safer, we must eliminate politics, agendas, generalities and emotional responses.

Do You Want to Argue Politics, Or Make Our Schools Safer?

The solution to ending school shootings does not rest in the hands of Congress. Again and again I hear there needs to be a ‘conversation’ about how to prevent school shootings. Yet all I have seen from both sides is a politicized, argument that is focused on attacking the morals of those who have a […]

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