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How To Get A Proper Gun Grip To Increase Your Skill

Proper Gun Grip How we grip the gun will determine a lot about how well we are able to shoot the gun. The better and sound our gripping technique, the faster we can run the gun while maintaining the level of accuracy the target demands. Below, we’ll explore one take on that technique, and […]

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Draw the Gun Straight Up Out of the Holster

My Controversial Stance On Re-holstering

I have heard many instructors tell their students this: You have to be able to re-holster your firearm without loing down at your holster. My opinion on re-holstering is different than what many have been teaching for quite some time.

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Using your firearm in self-defense is something we train for but pray we never have to use the skills outside of the range.

You Are Your Best Expert Witness

Are you getting the total benefit from all those hours in advanced classes and out on the range? On a recent Concealed Carry Podcast Episode 221, we presented another Case of The Week from Attorney Andrew Branca. In the case, STEPHEN D. RANKIN v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, an officer appealed his first-degree manslaughter conviction on […]

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NRAAM 2018 Is Over, Here Is Some Of What You Missed

Our team has successfully made it home from one of the year’s best gun conventions, and it was a whirlwind. While not as big of a show as SHOT is, the NRA Annual Meetings is still a major show with lots of goodies to be seen, and even a few new product releases. The pedometer […]

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