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Episode 235: Wild Week in America for Self Defense

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest in industry news, legislative updates, and this week’s top JUSTIFIED SAVE stories from around America. Plus you won’t want to miss this week’s Case of the Week from attorney Andrew Branca of Law of Self-Defense where we get some clarification on when the commission of a crime will or […]

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Team Never Quit Frangible 9mm HP is similar in appearance to jacketed hollow point ammo. Photo-courtesy of Lucky Gunner

Is Frangible Ammo Good For Concealed Carry?

Frangible: the most overloed option for concealed carry ammo Frangible ammunition, made of pressed powder that can include copper, tungsten, or other materials, has long been considered a niche product for shoot house training. It has the advantage, in training situations, of performing and feeling just like traditional ammo, with the key trait of disappearing […]

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Gear Review: ExtraCarry Pocket Magazine Pouch

Keep that extra mag ready with an ExtraCarry pouch Carrying an extra magazine is a concealed carry best practice, yet few people do it. Although I do tote a spare mag in the front of my jeans on most days, I’ll admit extracting it from a cargo is a clumsy process—the opposite […]

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5 Tips To Buying At A Gun Show

While going to a gun show can be intimidating the first time you go, there are a lot of crazy deals to be had if you know what you’re loing for and how to spend your time while there. I’ve put together this short list of tips for you, so next time you go to […]

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