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Rhode Island’s Religious Leaders Beat Guns Into Plowshares

This past Mother’s Day, religious organizations across Rhode Island to a very literal interpretation of the phrase “swords into plows.” All across the Ocean State spiritual leaders blessed decommissioned firearms that would soon be melted down and transformed into garden tools. “This is about controlling and regulating guns and abolishing the sale of weapons of […]

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Episode 225: Ethos of the Warrior Poet with John Lovell

Today’s episode is PACKED!! Now, it is not our normal Tuesday News Episode. We decided to change it up and play back the interview Jacob and I recently did at the NRA Show together with John Lovell talking about the Warrior Poet Society, what it’s all about, and what we can all do better to […]

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Trigger Control For Better Shooting

Pulling, squeezing, or pressing, it is all about the proper manipulation of the “bang button” when you are trying to put shots on target in accurate fashion. When I was teaching the NRA Pistol Course at my local range, my favorite part was instructing my students on the fundamentals. That is where the shooter’s […]

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Police Stop

I Got Pulled Over For Driving A Stolen Car Last Saturday

I was pulled over last weekend for driving a stolen vehicle. It wasn’t actually stolen, it was mine … registered to my name. But, for some reason when the police officer ran my plate number it came up as a stolen vehicle from a different state. I don’t know how all this works, but this […]

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BONUS Episode: Dude Fired 9 Shots to Stop a Home Intruder

This morning Riley interviews the man who was forced to defend himself in his apartment late one night in March 2016. A random criminal, a random apartment, but Nicholas Ring was ready to defend himself. We will hear the story firsthand, what went right, what went wrong, what could have been done better. And what […]

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Episode 224: Anti-gunners’ Heads EXPLODED When They Heard Him

Today’s episode will knock your socks off as Riley interviews Virginia egate and 2018 U.S. Senate candidate Nick Freitasabout finding a path forward in this current battle over the 2nd Amendment. egate Freitas recently garnered a lot of attention with a viral video of a speech he gave in the Virginia House of egates in support of the […]

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