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Episode 81: Uber Driver Stops Robbery

Florida is working towards passing open carry and allowing for on-campus carry in public schools; a prominent Atlanta attorney is in hot water after accidentally shooting his wife while riding in the car; a man accidentally discharges his weapon while trying to take a selfie in a strip club; the new CZ-USA P-10C striker-fired pistol; […]

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The Hidden Dangers Of Shooting Your Firearm

Even though we may have never had a negligent discharge, and always follow safe gun handling rules, you may not be as safe as you can be when using your firearms. I am talking about practicing good hygiene when in contact act with your firearms.

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Considerations In Becoming a Firearm Instructor

Being an instructor is not always easy dealing with the challenges of putting on a quality class and sometimes can be downright frustrating. If you are an instructor who is willing to put the time into setting up a quality business, put on quality courses, and promote it you’ll be rewarded with meeting some of […]

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