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Episode 94: All About Concealed Carry Positions

Well here you have it…all about concealed carry positions. We break down all the various positions, their pros and cons, and discuss tips and suggestions about how to make your concealed carry journey easier with fewer mistakes and wasted time and money. You can also check out the infographic mentioned in this episode HERE.

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Episode 93: Florida Wal-Mart Customer Kills Diaper Thief

Riley and Jacob cover some important stories about proposed laws being debated in various states plus highlight an extremely intriquing JUSTIFIED story where one Wal-Mart customer has to draw and shoot another customer when confronted over stolen diapers. Lot’s of important and interesting analysis on this type of situation. Also in another JUSTIFIED story we […]

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SWAT T Tourniquet Review

This EDC Trauma Device Will Save Lives

There most well known is a windless style of tourniquet that uses a handle to lever that when twisted causes the device to constrict around the limb. There are also ratcheting tourniquets that work just as you would expect, a ratcheting device allows the tourniquet to be tightened and stay secure around the limb.

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carry positions small

Common Concealed Carry Positions [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the most important things I tell my new concealed carry students is to experiment with different Carry Positions if the first thing they try doesn’t work for them. In an effort to show the various and most popular positions and discuss the greater benefits of each we have created the below infographic.

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