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Florida Man Shoots Ground To Scare Armed Men

Melbourne, Florida — A Melbourne man said he feared for his safety after seeing two men approaching his house. The man said at least one of the men was armed with a firearm as they approached.

The incident happened one day last week, just before 6 in the morning on White Cap Way.

The residents informed the responding police that they noticed a suspicious looking car parked outside, and then watched two men exit the vehicle and walk toward the house. The resident said at least one of the men had a gun on him.

A male resident grabbed his own firearm, opened the front door, and fired several rounds into the general area of the vehicle and into the ground causing the two men to flee the scene.

It is not believed that either of the two men were struck by the un-aimed bullets, and there are no reports of how many rounds were fired by the resident.

Breakdown —

That's the news, now let's dissect this to see what the resident could have done a bit better.

All is well that ends well, but the resident did some things here that are questionable at best. At worst, the man could have been charged for discharging a firearm the way he did, or even struck an innocent. Thankfully none of the other houses on the street were damaged, and no innocents were struck.

But things could have gone much better, and this is an example of what not to do.

If you see men walking toward your house and one of them has a gun, it's not a good idea to open your front door because this does at least one bad thing for you.

It shows the bad guys, who possess their own gun, the exact position where you are giving them the opportunity to SHOOT YOU BACK. You give away your position and give them a target to shoot at. Thankfully it worked out well for the residents in this situation but it won't work out in every incident.

An alternative here, would be to turn on lights to show that you are home, but maybe not give away your tactical position. Turn on some inside lights as well as any outside lights that may be off. Show that you are home because a home with a resident present is a harder target and they don't know if you have a gun or similar.

This will deter some criminals, but not all of them. Therefore, the moment you see bad intent, like two men walking toward your house in the early morning hours armed with a visible gun, you should call the cops.

Now, this isn't as effective as it once was because many police departments around the country are spread thin with delayed response times but you should still call.

And one of the strategies we teach in our Complete Home Defense Course is to isolate yourself in a room with the rest of your family where you can retain your tactical advantage and defend it appropriately. This does a few different things:

  1. It allows you time to contact police.
  2. Keeps you in a room where you can properly defend yourself through the funnel of a doorway.
  3. Ensures you a proper defense in court (because at that point the bad guys are in your house and you have a reason to defend yourself, instead of opening the front door and spraying bullets everywhere).

Jacob wrote more about this strategy and the pros and cons here, but it may have been a good plan in this case especially if it is one that is pre-planned for. I think it would have worked well here because the residents had time to react appropriately because they saw the threat coming. Because they did, they could have gotten everyone in the house to that room.

That room is usually stocked with extra things, but is just a regular room in your house that is more easily defendable than others are due to its location and the like.

It's also important to discuss warning shots. It's generally a bad idea to fire warning shots for several different reasons, but the one I'll discuss here is this: It wastes your ammo.

In this specific case, the resident already knew that the bad guy was armed and he wasted precious ammo on shooting into the ground and at the vehicle. He didn't know for sure that the bad guy would flee, and not all bad guys will. This is a serious gamble to make when you don't know the outcome or what is on the criminal's mind.

You just don't know how desperate he is, nor what he is capable of doing. It is therefore better to have all the ammo you can in your gun, ready to be used. Plus, just because you saw one guy was armed does NOT mean that the other guy wasn't also armed.

If he was and they decided to fight and shoot back, you may find yourself up that creek.

What would you have done differently if you were the resident? Let us know in the comments below.


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7 Responses to Florida Man Shoots Ground To Scare Armed Men

  1. tim October 20, 2020 at 6:32 pm #

    Leaving the relative safety of your home is a huge tactical blunder. Even if the police can’t make it in time, you have the 911 recording to show you were doing things right

  2. Doc October 25, 2020 at 9:49 pm #

    Hit your key fob with the alarm button. Car alarm goes off. Call police. Lock front door. All at the same time.

  3. David October 25, 2020 at 10:38 pm #

    Unless you have a truly harden safe room, hiding as you suggest means the bad subhumans know exactly where to attack you … subhumans will shoot blindly through closed doors, walls of wood, sheetrock, paneling, etc none of these stop bullets …. , you and yours may not last in you safe room even a few seconds …. think of safe room as being in a fish bowl … like shooting fish in a barrel. Multi dead bolts on a door and security hinges slow subhuman entry but does not stop bullet entry. Better to change self defense laws to the advantage of the PEACEFUL CITIZEN TAXPAYER instead of job security of judges lawyers jailers cops etc and subhuman criminals.

  4. RandyE October 25, 2020 at 10:45 pm #

    As I read it, the man shot from his doorway, so already in the “doorway funnel”. Saving ammo i may be a concern, unless, off course, you’ve practiced switching magazines and have your filled spare at hand? And practice means fewer shots for effect. Some might even have a backup weapon in a case like this? Assuming the “victim” only has one weapon can also be fatal to the assailant. Safe room? Sure, maybe safe from the inside, but what about the outside? Even a small window out makes a possibly fatal entry for a gunshot from the assailant outside? Bullet resistant outside walls? Unless specifically designed, how many houses have this? Police response is not likely for some time in many areas. Agree the sooner the call, the better..

  5. Dave October 25, 2020 at 10:49 pm #

    I have a question regarding the home defense course. Does it address multi-unit dwellings, e.g. apartment buildings, condos, etc? Thank you

    • Jacob Paulsen October 29, 2020 at 8:10 am #

      Dave great question. All the filming was completed in a single-family home. However, a lot of the information and lecture-based material does speak to considerations for multi-unit dwellings. Hope that helps!

  6. Snydley whiplash. October 26, 2020 at 2:20 pm #

    Make your safe room a bathroom if it has a steel or cast iron tub. A bullet coming thru a wall such as stucco or wood siding will significantly slow the bullet. Going thru steel tub will virtually slow the bullet enough it most likely will not harm those inside to a serious degree. Unless perps use high power fmj ammo. A curious thing is most perps are not intelligent. By default. So laying low on floor can eliminate another set of threats from extremely unintelligent perps which will almost exclusively shoot waste to head highs. In any fire fight I think we all can agree the idea is to limit the threats. It’s too late once the threat is walking to your door. With all that said I highly doubt most perps give such notice as this man was given. Makes ya wonder why perps showed up in first place but that an entirely different discussion.

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