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Detailed "How To Customize" Your Lexington Holster Video:

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PLUS You Will Receive Permanent, Immediate Access To Our New Video Training Course "Holsters, Concealment and Carry Positions" (Valued at $45.45) For FREE!

Holsters concealment and carry positions Software Box

When I tell you the course is 5 ½ hours long you probably will think we are nuts. Who would want to watch videos for over 5 hours about holsters and concealment?

We don’t think its nuts at all. We saw, and still see, a huge educational gap in the market place relating to concealment and comfort which of course primarily comes down to understanding holsters, holster features, and holster hardware.

Our friends who own holster companies see the same gap and they cheered us on in the filming of this content.

Now remember, we filmed this BEFORE we bought a holster company and when we started the project we committed to doing it without any name calling.

This 5+ hour video training course isn’t a sales pitch. It mentions a few products by name along the way but is all about the principles of concealment, comfort, and gunfighting as it relates to holster selection and customization and doesn’t endorse any one product or style of holster.

To make sure we were looking at all the angles and providing top instruction we brought in a friend to co-teach the course with Riley. Annette Evans brings a female perspective and an immense amount of knowledge and experience. You are going to love her insights and tips which apply both to the men and the ladies.

Our Guarantee To You Today:

If you are ready to get your holster, go ahead and click any button on this page to purchase your voucher. You will be able to redeem the voucher immediately and order your holster as soon as you want.

If you are still reading this, then you probably have some questions so bear with me as I try to answer the most common questions.

First, you should know your order of your holster voucher is covered by our famous and standard 60 day no questions asked refund guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind in the next 60 days we will happily refund your order and void your vouchers.

If you redeem your voucher or vouchers and don’t like the holster and want to return it in the first 60 days we will refund your voucher order no questions asked.

In fact, I’m so confident in the Lexington and other KSG holster products that if you actually change your mind and request a refund; you can keep the bonus video course valued at $45.45.

In addition, because I don’t want you to worry about inflation and the value of your voucher decreasing; I’m also guaranteeing that the prices on the KSG Armory holsters, including the Lexington, will not go up for at least the next 6 months; which is how long your voucher is good for.

In other words, you will have 6 months to redeem your vouchers and order your holsters and during that time period I promise the cost of the holsters will not go up so you have complete confidence that the value of your voucher will not change.

Now I should clarify some timeline expectations. I know many of you may be planning to buy enough vouchers to be able to gift them, or redeem them for a holster you plan to give as a gift for Christmas this year.

These holsters are custom, hand-made here in the US by our internal team. Right now we can easily make about 20 holsters a day. We can hire people and expand that capacity to a certain point as needed but my point is the sooner you buy your voucher, and then redeem your voucher, the further up in the production queue it will be and the sooner you will get it.

The first 1500 holster orders to come in, meaning voucher redemptions taking place, we guarantee will ship in time for Christmas. We might be able to do better than that but I just want to manage your expectations that you aren’t going to place your order today and have your holster ship tomorrow. It could ship in as few as 3-5 business days but the wait could be much longer depending on when your order comes in and how many of these vouchers we sell.

It is worth noting that you can buy as many of these vouchers as you want and you can combine them. If you buy 2 $100 vouchers for example, and get 2 Lexingtons at $80 each you would have $20 left over from each voucher. That $40 could be applied to a 3rd holster order.

The other beauty of the voucher is that while you can redeem it IMMEDIATELY you don’t have to. You can do all the research you want and order your holster when you are ready within the next 6 months.

Just to help you make sure you don’t miss it, immediately after checkout, on the thank you page your voucher number will be listed on screen and you will be able to download it from that page. You will also receive your voucher via email.

To redeem your voucher, enter the voucher code in the coupon code field of our website during checkout.

Also please note that you need to redeem your voucher on It will NOT work on KSG Armory dot com.

So, now is that key moment to act and secure all these bonuses and this amazing deal.

Do NOT delay, this offer, along with the discounted voucher and free bonus training course, is only available until August 11th AND the sooner you purchase your voucher, and redeem it for your holster the sooner our team will craft it and ship it out.