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America's #1 Safety Tool


Now Available For Everyday Gun Owners

Designed for law enforcement and military training academies, BarrelBlok facilitates SAFE and EFFECTIVE Dry Fire Training for every American shooter.

There Are Two Problems We Need To Solve

1: We ALL Need to Dry Fire But Just One Safety Failure Can Ruin Your Life
If the only firearm practice we get is going to the live range none of use will ever have enough time or money to develop really strong skills. That is why Dry Fire Practice is the industry's top strategy for increasing skills. Working with your firearm in your own home on all the shooting skills without any live ammunition is a cost-effective, convenient way to 10x your skill level...

BUT 53.42% of All "Negligent Discharges" (or accidental shootings) happen in a home. Any failure to remove live ammunition from the firearm can result in terrible consequences. 30% of Negligent Discharges in which someone is at very least injured result in actual death*.

That is why the Barrel Blok exists. It is the ONLY tool on the market that will:

  • ​Secure itself in the barrel and not fall out AND
  • Guarantee with 100% certainty that a round cannot be chambered and thus render the firearm inert/safe AND
  • ​Easily Install without disassembling the firearm AND
  • ​Provide a visual indicator to any observer

2: Dry Fire Isn't Perfectly Realistic and Can Often Create Training Scars

Without live ammunition, the shooter can develop training scars. The trigger doesn't reset, the slide locks back each time you cycle it, and if you practice a malfunction or reload you won't be able to release the slide forward.

IF you practice in that kind of environment you can develop bad habits that don't translate to live fire. That is why "Mag Blok" was created and 3 of them are included with every purchase of Barrel Blok.

The Mag Blok goes into your magazine just like inserting any other ammunition but it blocks the slide lock from engaging.

  • Malfunction Clearing: Practice clearing all types of malfunctions without training scars
  • Reloading: Practice reloading without any training scars
  • Easily Install: Just insert into the magazine like any standard ammunition

What Comes With Your Barrel Blok Order?


1x Barrel Blok

  • Fits ALL Firearms​- Barrel Blok is caliber specific but is designed to work with all Makes and Models of firearms. Order the 9mm Barrel Blok and it will fit ALL 9mm Handguns
  • 100% Secure​- Once inserted Barrel Blok will not come loose or fall out. It only comes out when you remove it
  • 100% Safe​- With Barrel Blok installed your firearm is effectively inert and incapable of firing live ammunition. Never worry about a negligent discharge when dry fire practicing again
  • Visual Indicator - Barrel Blok protrudes slightly from the end of your barrel making it easy to see when it is installed
  • Easy to Remove - When you are finished with your training session you can remove Barrel Blok in less than 15 seconds

3x Mag Bloks

  • Comes With 3​- You will receive 3 mag blocks so you can enable up to 3 magazines for your training session
  • Disables Slide Lock​- With Mag Blok installed in your magazine, your slide will not lock back
  • Run Reload Drills​- With the slide lock effectively disabled, you can train reloads in a realistic way without any training scars
  • Train For Malfunctions - Also with the slide lock effectively disabled, you can train clearing type 1, type 2, and type 3 malfunctions in a realistic manner without training scars

BarrelBlok is the tool of choice for Military and Law Enforcement agencies all around the world to provide a safe training environment.

Regardless if you are a new "recruit" or an experienced operator we all have the need to conduct safe practice and firearm manipulations.

BarrelBlok makes that possible.

Law Enforcement officers conducting dry fire training with inert guns.

BarrelBlok Is Utilized By Law Enforcement Agencies In These States:

BarrelBlok Has Received Praise From These Publications

American Handgunner
Concealed Carry
Shooting Industry
American Cop Magazine
Officer dot com

What Are You Waiting For? Order Your Barrel Blok Now!

For ONLY $14.99 + Shipping you will receive 1 Barrel Blok and 3 Mag Bloks. Enjoy SAFE and EFFECTIVE Dry Fire Practice with 100% Confidence.

barrelblok dry fire tool

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