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Get Permanent Access To $195.25 Of Firearm Training For Just $20 Bucks...

Get Permanent Access To $195.25 Of Firearm Training For Just $20 Bucks...

URGENT: Because Prices Are Going Up Everywhere
This Deal May End Soon - Lock In Your Special Pricing!

URGENT: Because Prices Are Going Up Everywhere This Deal May End Soon - Lock In Your Special Pricing!

No Ongoing Charge or Commitment - Permanent Access - 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Jacob Paulsen President of

As a company we are committed to the support and growth of American Concealed Carriers. Our mission is to help gun owners become "Guardians" which we define as someone who is willing and able to defend themselves and loved ones from violent attacks.

In that vein, we know that while in-person training is ideal it isn't practical for all gun owners all the time. Frankly, most gun owners don't have the time or money to get the training they really need to be effective concealed carriers.

That is why we created Guardian University. It is the single largest home of online firearm training courses and information on the internet.

In an effort to help as many concealed carriers out there as possible we've put together the most compelling and discounted offer in the history of our company.

I hope you will scroll down and learn more about what we have prepared for you today and take advantage of this opportunity to level up your knowledge and skills.


Jacob Paulsen
President |

So Here Is The Deal

Today I want to give you $195.25 worth of firearm training for $20.

I know it sounds pretty crazy, and frankly it is crazy and while we have our reasons I can’t help but wonder if we are going to regret this.

To be specific I’m going to give you access to several of our video-based training programs which include:

Shooting Fundamentals

shooting fundamentals

Experience has shown us that virtually every gun owner has serious deficiencies relating to the core fundamentals. This course is designed to deep dive into core shooting skills and help anyone become a master-class level shooter.

Concealed Carry Fundamentals


Most gun owners tell me this is the course they WISH they would have taken in their home state when they got their permit. It gets into details on the things most concealed carry instructors gloss over or neglect completely.

Gun Safety

gun safety course

It is a comprehensive but simple training program that gets real about the most important aspect of gun ownership. Not just a simple walkthrough of the gun safety rules. All about the application of safety in real-life scenarios.

Plus I’m going to give you 3 higher level courses that I’ll discuss below.

A Quick Introduction to


In case this is your first introduction to our business I want you to understand who we are and what we do. I promise to keep this short.

Our mission is to support American concealed carriers. We do that in a number of ways:

We have full time staff producing articles, videos, and podcasts that help gun owners

We maintain the top-rated most download informational mobile app in the industry and its 100% free

We provide free tools like our reciprocity map builder, state gun law library, and gun business directory

We sell over 600 products from over 40 name-brand companies in our industry at the lowest prices possible

We are manufacturers and make some of the best products available for gun owners under various other child-brands

We are instructors and trainers. We operate a network of over 50 firearm instructors in more than 1/2 of US states and reach over 1000 students in person each year

We facilitate the largest online membership and community of defensive gun owners called Guardian Nation

We host the #1 in-person firearm training conference in the country. The Guardian Conference.

And of course, we host the largest online collection of professional firearm training available to defensive-minded shooters. We call it Guardian University


Guardian University is simply a curriculum of firearm training courses designed to help American gun owners progress in their knowledge and skills. The courses are divided up into levels of advancement that we call Guardian Levels.

Everyone starts at Guardian Level 0 and as you complete certain courses you advance to Level 1, 2, 3, etc.


Now, to be clear. Under normal circumstances, there are 2 ways to go through these training programs and advance through the curriculum.

First, you can just buy each of them individually. They are all for sale on our website and collectively we’ve sold over 40,000 copies of these training courses over the years at ticket price to thousands and thousands of gun owners just like you. But don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to buy them individually and more on that in a moment.

The second way to get access to these training programs is to join Guardian Nation, which is an American Gun Owner Membership program that, in addition to all access to Guardian University, includes a number of other amazing benefits that provide access to other training and products etc.

With That Context In Mind Here Is The Offer

Above on this page, I said I wanted to give you $195.25 worth of firearm training for $20 and that is true.

The 3 courses I mentioned above are actually the same 3 courses you need to complete in order to rank up from Guardian Level 0 to Guardian Level 1 inside of Guardian University. Just as a reminder those courses are:

1: Shooting Fundamentals

2: Concealed Carry Fundamentals

3: Gun Safety

These might sound a little too basic or even “beneath you” if you are an experienced gun owner but even very experienced shooters and firearm instructors tell us they learn valuable lessons from these training programs.

We also want to give you access to all the courses that will be required to advance up to Guardian Level 2. They are:

Emergency Trauma Response


It is all about medical trauma emergencies. Certainly things like gun shot wounds but also dealing with more common emergencies like car accidents and things like that. Stopping the bleed and having the skills to sustain life until someone can get to a higher level of care is arguably the most important training we provide even if it doesn’t have the “cool” factor of shooting guns.

Holsters, Concealment, and Carry Positions

Holsters concealment and carry positions Software Box

Our Holsters, Concealment, and Carry Positions course might be the most helpful training we put out there for people who carry a gun, or want to carry a gun every day because it provides tools to achieve truly effective and comfortable concealment. It is a principle based program that you can adapt to your clothing, body type, and lifestyle.

American Gun Law


It includes 8 content modules with 44 total lessons that were distilled from over 8 hours of interview consulting with a top defense attorney who has specialized in firearm and self-defense related case work. It will dispel all the myths and horrible information that so many gun owners we meet have been improperly taught.

That is a total of 6 of our popular video training courses. All the training that is required not only to advance to Guardian Level 1 but also Guardian Level 2.

No Ongoing Charge or Commitment - Permanent Access - 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Enjoy The Benefits Of Online Video

Take courses & watch together with a friend or family member

Pause, rewind, and review as much as you desire

Come back and retake classes whenever you want

Courses are broken into easy-to-digest chunks of 3-10 minutes so you can spread out your learning as your schedule allows without losing your place

Watch from any internet-connected device such as a phone, tablet, or Laptop


Plus at the end of each course, you will be able to print off a certificate of completion to add to your training binder which will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but will also demonstrate to a potential future jury that you took your training and education seriously.

Online Course Certificate Template Sample

In Summary

Today you pay: $20


You Immediately Receive Permanent Access to:

-Shooting Fundamentals

-Concealed Carry Fundamentals

-Gun Safety

-Emergency Trauma Response

-Holsters, Concealment, and Carry Positions

-American Gun Law

(A combined 19 hours and 28 minutes of video education)

No Ongoing Charge or Commitment - Permanent Access - 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Plus A Bonus! We'll Pay You To Get The Training...

Within Guardian University we actually provide a financial incentive to complete the courses and training. For each of the training courses you complete you will receive 1 "Guardian Gold."

Guardian Gold is simply in-store credit at 1 Guardian Gold is $1 of in-store credit.

Since you will receive access to 6 total training courses you have the opportunity to earn $6 of in-store credit by doing nothing more than watching the training videos.

Plus, we also award you with in-store credit when you advance Guardian Levels. Advance from Guardian Level 0 to Level 1 and earn $5. Advance to Level 2 and earn another $10.

So add that all up and what does it mean? If you follow through and complete the 6 training courses you are purchasing today you will receive a total of $21 of in-store credit you can apply to any purchase on

That is everything you are paying up front for the training and then some.

Guardian Bucks

No Ongoing Charge or Commitment - Permanent Access - 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Enjoy Our 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

If for any reason you feel that training content isn't valuable and you want your money back in the first 60 days just say so.

Contact our Colorado-based support team and request your refund.

Please note, if you do receive a refund you will lose access to the courses, certifications, and any Guardian Gold earned from completing those courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I have already purchased one or more of these 6 courses? Can I get a discount on this bundle offer?

Answer: No. This discount is already over 90% off and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to claim the rest of the courses needed to get you up to Guardian Level 2.

Question: Are these courses close captioned?

Answer: Yes. All courses in Guardian University are close captioned to assist with learning and to help the hearing impaired.

Question: Can I download the video courses to my computer?

Answer: No, they can currently only be streamed online from our site.


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No Ongoing Charge or Commitment - Permanent Access - 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee