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    Rob Beckman

    From here in Ohio I am seeing a lot variety in materials that are offered for basic CCW classes and just wondering what everyone else is doing? Under Ohio code it outlines at a high level what the course needs to cover in a minimum of 8 hrs. It doesn't name specific curriculum and I'm sure that drives a lot of the variety here.

    For our CCW courses we use the USCCA course. Covers all the basics and gives a good foundation for the student to build upon. Previously we had been offering the NRA Basic Pistol course till this year.

    Other instructors in the area offer the NRA Pistol Phase 2 training, the SAFTD Pistol course, or build their own course based on state mandates. Some of the build your own instructors are NRA instructors, ex-military, or law enforcement which leads to a great variety in classes.

    What curriculum do you teach in your class?


    Jacob Paulsen

    Rob, speaking for myself and I think generally for a lot of the instructors in our network, I use a custom curriculum. I first started as an instructor in Utah where the curriculum was defined by the state but now I'm in Colorado where (like most states I find) there is no specific required curriculum.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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