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    Jacob Paulsen

    Hey members here is a video where I show you everything coming in your boxes. They were shipped out yesterday and this morning!

    Products in the box:
    8″ Adhesive Targets
    Concealed Carry Magazine
    Crows Tactical Universal Mag Carrier
    Ammo Ears
    Read Avid Multi-Cutter
    ARK Resister Bag
    Live Fire Drill Cards

    If you have any questions about any of the contents you can ask below:

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    Received my box. Thank you! I think you would want to be aware–the shipping costs were not entirely paid for. The USPS driver came to the door (I was at work and my wife answered), the driver told my wife the shipping had an additional payment needed. The additional postage due was $2.45. My wife was confused, but paid it because it was a small amount and the driver said if she didn't they'd have to send the package back to the sender. I wonder if this happened with others?

    I'm not terribly concerned, it's a gift worth a lot of money and $2.45 is inconsequential. Just wanted to give that report so that you guys are aware of what happened (at least with my package).


    Jacob Paulsen

    Josh that is super frustrating. We use a 3rd party fulfillment company. For those of you who live in a shipping region that is close to our fulfillment company in Utah we shipped first class based on weight. Everyone else was shipped a flat rate box. Yours must have been based on weight and the post office is inferring we didn't weight it and/or calculate postage accurately. Not cool.

    Send me a direct email to [email protected] and I'll get you a $5 off coupon for your next purchase!

    If anyone else has the same issue please contact me and let me know!



    It's all good, I'm not worried about it and that shipping explanation makes sense. No worries, thanks for the $5 offer but we're fine. I just wanted you to be aware.

    How's everyone else's mag carrier working? I'm wondering if I'm setting mine up wrong. The screws for attaching the clip are going to scratch the crap out of any double stack mag I try to stick in there. Barely fits, and that's with the outer screws completely loosened. I looked on crows tactical's website and the one I received looks different than what they show on their site. They show rounded out semi-circles on the top with belt clips on the side, whereas what they sent me has the one big clip that attaches to the holes drilled in the top of the middle section. Kinda thinking that design change is not good at all. Anyone else have any thoughts about using with a double stack mag? Am I doing something wrong?


    Jacob Paulsen

    I ran it last week for a full day on the range running the G19. It was tight for sure. I had to fully loosen the screws to make it work well but it did work well. I came home and ran some drills with it using the SIRT which are G17 mags. Also tight but also functional. I think it would be improved if it had longer screws which I'm going to ask Crows about as well.

    It is different from the one on the site in that it was designed to work IWB or OWB. The one they normally sell will only run OWB. They did this just for our box.

    I also ran it for a few minutes with mags for a G43 and that was smooth as butter. The single stacks feel loose but are retained with the magnet.

    Would love to hear everyone else's feedback as well.



    Welp…I live in Colorado. I track the box which I have yet to receive. Tracking says it came to Denver, then left for Los Angeles and now on the way tonite destination. Cracks me up. So…we will see what happens.

    I've received the other boxes and orders I've made with no problem.

    Just letting you know. I'm not upset just disappointed at this point.


    Jacob Paulsen

    @devo That is crazy. I just checked the tracking number as well and it literally came to Denver, went to Los Angeles, and then back to Denver. WOW! Looks like you did get it is in town today finally!

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