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    Happy Thanksgiving, to all of you guys over at Conceal Carry I have enjoyed the last year with you guys. So, I am excited to get to the training with one of the Conceal Carry trainers that you have. But my question is about the free class that is offered as a benefit of being a Guarding Nation. So does this work? and how do I pick a class?



    Hi Chris
    I'm needing to find out the same information on classes. It would be great to take classes with fellow members.


    Jacob Paulsen

    Thanks for asking guys. Around mid-October we panicked a little as a company as we hit our 1 year anniversary with members. We had put off the “logistics” part of the free class part of membership for 11 months and suddenly had to figure out how to fulfill on that. We started the wheels in motion and are working on some nice cards to send out to members on their 1 year anniversary that will act as gift cards.

    That said, we are behind on the project (now late November) and so let me clarify some points here for you:

    1: If you hit a 1 year GN Member anniversary BEFORE Nov 1st 2018 we owe you a free class. Anniversaries after Nov 1st 2018 will earn the member a $100 credit toward a class. We changed that membership benefit starting Nov 1st 2017 but will deliver the free class as promised to everyone who joined prior to that date.

    2: This is good/valid toward ANY class listed on (but does not include ammo). We are working on a way to browse classes easier but for now I suggest selecting your state from the “State Resources” menu on this site. Our class schedule in that state will be listed there assuming we have instructors in your state. Currently we have instructors actively teaching in 24 states.

    3: Depending on the state and the partnership we have there with local instructors, the class options are going to vary significantly. In 2018 we are rolling out a new series of classes that will consist of a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Low-light Pistol. As weather improves and as we certify our local instructors across the country these courses will become more widely available. Your “certificate” good for a class is good for 12 months (until your next anniversary) so you can choose to use it or sit on it.

    Feel free to follow up with additional questions and thank you so much for being a member!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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