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    I just recently received the sirt 110 pistol in the magazine rattles badly in the grip. Is this normal? Quite disturbing is whenever I move the pistol I can feel the rattle.


    Jacob Paulsen

    I just picked up and tested my 4 SIRTs that I have sitting at my desk. They all have a little bit of rattle… but nothing that I would find annoying or frustrating.

    I suspect from your description that that isn't normal. If you bought it from us then will service you as their own customer. I would use their contact form and let them know. Keep us posted here.


    David Jones

    Mine had a little rattle as well. I just used some electrical tape (enough to still let her slide in and out but to stop the rattling). It has worked so far and it has been great to be able to “cook off some rounds” at the drop of a hat. My daughters are getting in some good practice as well. I had to leave her at home so my wife could use it to practice….. Looks like I'll be ordering a few more here soon.


    John Harris

    Mine rattles like that too. When shooting one handed, a 30 degree tip to the left or right and the dummy mag shifts. Double handed the mag bumper is stabilized between my hands. It's not enough to keep me from having a great training experience, but if it begins to bother me, I'll add some tape the mag to tighten up the fit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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