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NRA endorses Democrat for Governor

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    So, here in Missouri, we have the long time politician, democratic, candidate Chris Koster and the new guy, ex-military, republican, with no political history, Eric Greitens, running for the Governors Office. The NRA has decided to endorse Koster because he has a verifiable record of being pro 2nd Amendment and has a A Rating. Greitens on the other hand has an Aq Rating which means there's some unanswered questions about him but he did answer their survey positively. The problem comes when you factor that the democrat, Koster, like a good liberal lemming, supports Hillary and has supported Barry Obummer over these last 8 years. Despite his record on pro-gun issues, I believe he still poses a risk to our freedoms. Greitens on the other hand, “says” he's pro 2nd Amendment but has nothing to back it up and he has some questionable funding and money issues that make some uncomfortable with voting the republican ticket. What are some of your views as it relates to this whole situation?


    Jacob Paulsen

    Thanks for sharing and sorry for the delayed response. My first impression is that I'm actually impressed with the NRA for supporting a candidate based on their 2A record and not their affiliated political party.

    2nd, while this isn't an easy situation… I think I would personally support the democrat who has a strong pro 2a record. Maybe he'll talk sense into the rest of his party…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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