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    My wife and I are looking to become firearm owners and we are wondering if it is best to take a CCW class before or after purchasing weapons. Additionally, what is the best way to get a good idea of what to purchase for each of us? Do you have any recommendations in the Denver area for a good gunshop that would baby step us through the process?

    Thank you,


    Jacob Paulsen

    Tim, welcome to our forums! I would highly recommend you take the class first and then make a firearm purchase. You will be better informed and prepared to make the best purchasing decision.

    Instead of going to a gun store I would suggest you consider finding a friend who owns a lot of guns and can go with you to shoot. If you offer to buy the ammo any good friend who owns guns is sure to show up and this will be a much less expensive approach than renting guns and buying ammo at a range/store.

    Also, your friend who owns guns will have a better-informed opinion about those guns than the person who sits behind the counter selling them. Nothing against the wonderful people at the store who help customers select the best gun for them but someone who owns a gun and has shot it many times is going to have more insight into the gun.

    Oh… and consider taking your class from us!


    Ernesto Halog

    I’ve had many pistols since I started carrying and one piece of advice is to handle and manipulate any potential purchase. If the shop won’t let you pull the trigger (safely), move on. An educated customer is a good customer and some shops get my business as I’ve seen them help new owners feel at home. We all started somewhere.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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