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    Jacob Paulsen


    Excellent article, thank you for posting it Jacob. As a CCW carrying college student in Utah, after learning about the tragedy in Oregon, I was given some comfort to realize the situation that took place there would not happen the same on my campus. The absolute insanity of having a “Gun Free Zone,” that not only included the students, but also the security staff allowed that massacre to occur as it did. It was exactly like displaying a sign explaining there is no better place to find defenseless people than this campus. By doing so cost the lives of so many innocent people, when a licensed firearms user or users, could have neutralized the situation immediately. Instead we have these nonsense laws keeping law abiding citizens away, and psychopaths invited to situations they can use to their advantage. I firmly believe that having legally licensed firearms carriers in Public Universities would drastically reduce the number of senseless homicide. What is very interesting as well as aggravating about the opponents to such measures, is their clear and unguided ignorance on the issue of who is having these firearms. They do not realize any of the complex checks and balances that go about acquiring a CCW, especially so many “Shall Issue” states in the Union. With none of this information they are quick to react negatively, believing that more people will die of gun violence and it makes more sense to have no one with guns in the situation. The massacre in Oregon was another clear reminder of what happens when you take all of the weapons away, and more importantly the bad guys don't have to play by the rules the good guys do. I'm definitely not advocating guns allowed freely across the board into the university system. But responsible permit holders having a firearm no one knows is there, until innocent people are threatened with death, and using it in the responsible manner in which they are trained, would dramatically change the outcome of these tragedies for the better. Sorry for the entire Senior Thesis haha, but being on the front line of this issue everyday I go to class, its just something I feel very passionately about. And hearing politicians say that my fellow permit holders and myself are part of the problem, not a solution is more than aggravating.



    Lo and behold, Texas passed campus carry this year. Carriers must have a CHL which means no one under age 21 will be carrying. Even when open carry commences on January 1st, campus carry will remain ‘concealed only' and not be allowed in certain sensitive areas where having guns may not be a good idea irregardless of politics. Trust me. There won't be many excluded areas.

    Texas' crop of Austin liberals are having a hissy fits over this, much to my sadistic satisfaction. But I'll bet Texas never has to live down a college campus mass shooting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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