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    Jacob Paulsen

    May Issue VS Shall Issue: Shall Issue to Residents and Non-Residents

    Issuing Authority: For Non-Residents you are issued your permit by the New Hampshire State Police, for residents you will be issued your permit by your local Police Department.

    Required Training: No training is required to obtain your permit in New Hampshire.

    How to Apply: You can apply at your local Police Department.

    Non-Residents: Non-Residents may apply to the New Hampshire State Police.

    Renewal: You must renew your permit every 4 years.

    Processing Time: Up to 14 days

    Cost: For Residents the cost is $10 and for Non-Residents the cost is $100.

    Change of Address: You are required to notify the local law office in writing in which your new residency takes place and your license will still be valid until it would normally expire.

    Required to Notify Law Enforcement: No

    Places Off Limits When Carrying:

    Federal restrictions include all Federal Building, National monuments, National memorials, secure areas.

    State Restrictions include:

    1. No person shall knowingly carry a loaded or unloaded pistol, revolver, or firearm or any other deadly weapon as defined in RSA 625:11, V, whether open or concealed or whether licensed or unlicensed, upon the person or within any of the person's possessions owned or within the person's control in a courtroom or area used by a court. Whoever violates the provisions of this paragraph shall be guilty of a class B felony. II. Firearms may be secured at the entrance to a courthouse by courthouse security personnel. III. For purposes of paragraph I, “area used by a court” means: (a) In a building dedicated exclusively to court use, the entire building exclusive of the area between the entrance and the courthouse security. (b) In any other building which includes a court facility, courtrooms, jury assembly rooms, deliberation rooms, conference and interview rooms, the judge's chambers, other court staff facilities, holding facilities, and corridors, stairways, waiting areas, and elevators directly connecting these rooms and facilities. IV. The provisions of this section shall not apply to marshals, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, police or other duly appointed or elected law enforcement officers, bailiffs and court security officers, or persons with prior authorization of the court for the purpose of introducing weapons into evidence and as otherwise provided for in RSA 159:5. V. It shall be an affirmative defense to any prosecution under paragraph I that there was no notice of the provisions of paragraph I posted in a conspicuous place at each public entrance to the court building. Source. 1985, 258:2. 2000, 175:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2001.

    Private Property Prohibitions: “No Firearm” signs in New Hampshire have no force of law unless they are posted on property that is specifically mentioned in State Law as being off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry. If you are in a place not specifically mentioned in the law that is posted and they ask you to leave, you must leave. If you refuse to leave then you are breaking the law and can be charged. Even if the property is not posted and you are asked to leave you must leave. Always be aware of the possibility that responding Police Officers who may have been called without your knowledge and may not know the laws on trespass etc. could arrest you even if you are within the law.

    State Website: New Hampshire

    Current Reciprocity Map:

    New Hampshire CCW Map


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