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    Jacob Paulsen

    May Issue VS Shall Issue: Shall Issue for Residents Only

    Issuing Authority: Mississippi Department of Public Safety: Highway Patrol

    Required Training: No training is required to get a Mississippi concealed carry permit.

    How to Apply: First time applications can be picked up and filled out at your local Highway Patrol substation.

    Non-Residents: Mississippi does not issue Non-Resident permits.

    Renewal: The permit is valid for 5 years and then needs to be renewed.

    Processing Time: Up to 45 days.

    Cost: A first time individual firearm permit costs $132. A renewal of your permit costs $82 and there is an added $15 dollar charge if you try to renew your permit after it has expired.

    Change of Address: Within 30 days after changing your permanent address, you have to notify the Department of Public Safety in writing.

    Required to Notify Law Enforcement: No

    Places Off Limits When Carrying:

    Federal restrictions include all Federal Building, National monuments, National memorials, secure areas.

    State Restrictions include:

    Courthouse, Detention or police facility, Polling place,  Meeting of a government or legislative body, Public park, Schools, Colleges, Professional athletic event, Place of worship, Parade or demonstration, Premises posted “carrying of a pistol or revolver is prohibited,”, Where prohibited by federal law, It is unlawful to carry a firearm in any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises that is primarily devoted to dispensing alcoholic beverages; any portion of an establishment in which beer or light wine is consumed on the premises, that is primarily devoted to such purpose, The passenger terminal of any airport, except if the firearm is encased for shipment.

    Private Property Prohibitions: In addition to the places enumerated in this subsection, the carrying of a stun gun, concealed pistol or revolver may be disallowed in any place in the discretion of the person or entity exercising control over the physical location of such place by the placing of a written notice clearly readable at a distance of not less than ten (10) feet that the “carrying of a pistol or revolver is prohibited.”

    All provisions of Mississippi enhanced carry law shall also be authorized to carry weapons in courthouses except in courtrooms during a judicial proceeding, and any location listed in subsection (13) of Section 45-9-101, except any place of nuisance as defined in Section 95-3-1, any police, sheriff or highway patrol station or any detention facility, prison or jail.

    State Website: Mississippi

    Current Reciprocity Map:


    Mississippi Basic CCW Map

    Mississippi Enhanced CCW Map

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