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    Jon Lynn

    A recent podcast talked about a homeowner upgrading his home gun with a light and this was thought to be a good upgrade.

    My thoughts are that It would be better to have a laser installed. I have a crimson laser on mine.

    If you have a light the intruder knows your location but with a laser they can only see the dot moving across the room.

    What’s the best one to have?


    Jacob Paulsen

    Jon, have you listened to episodes 160 and 161? In those two episodes, we broke down everything we think/know about lights and lasers and recommended specific products.

    Episode 160: Handgun Lights & Lasers – Part 1

    A quick note about your comment. Though less obvious the BG can also see the origin of a laser.

    Further, a light on a firearm is not intended to use to search a space. If that were the case then yes it would clearly alert the BG to your location. A light on a firearm is used only to illuminate a target you have already decided to fire on. It ensures you can see the target you are shooting at. More thoughts on this recent article I wrote:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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