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    Jacob Paulsen

    Please reply below and introduce yourself to the rest of the Guardian Nation members!



    Hello Guardians! My name is Edmond W Holcombe, but I use the name Edd for short. I served 22 years in the US Army started out as a Cobra Helicopter Crewchief and retired as a Combat Engineer. I have a degree in Education from Purdue University and for the last 10 years I have been working for the Federal Government. I have a beautiful wife of 25 years, three sons and two daughters in law.

    I searched for along time for training materials I could use to train my whole family, finally I found Consealed The bonus is that Guardian Nation connected me to other like minded individuals and allows me to tap into a large treasure trove of ideas, training materials and equiptment. Love the Podcast as well. I live in north west Indiana. The picture is my wife Debbby and I driving our Jeep Wrangler.


    Robert Hill

    Hello, my name is Robert Hill. I am a US Navy retired Chief with 21 years of service. Just getting back into shooting and CC. Looking forward to gaining lots of knowledge about CC and general home & personal defense.
    I live in a small town in SW Pennsylvania.

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    I'm Rob Beckman and during the day I'm a computer consultant working on stuff that keeps companies in business. In the evening I'm a concealed carry instructor focusing on training responsible citizens to carry and also to train new instructors on how to instruct. Certifications include NRA, USCCA, Glock advance armorer, and IALEFI to name a few. I'm always looking to expand my knowledge and pass along what I know to others to enable them to respond appropriately in the time of need.

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    Hello my name is John Shriver. I have been a Guardian Nation member for almost a year. I live in Western Colorado in a small town. I am a member of our local gun club where we have been conducting various NRA classes. I have been a concealed carry permit holder for 7 years in CO and UT. I obtained my NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certification in 2017. I am a member of Front Sight Firearm Training Institute. I am a member of USCCA and have started the process to become a certified instructor. I am always looking forward to gaining more training and skills to be a responsibly armed citizen to protect myself and my loved ones.


    Lawrence Meadows

    Hello all
    Lawrence Meadows aka Larry
    Former USAF member 4.5 years
    Critical infrastructure service engineer for 31 years.
    Currently in Michigan
    Hold an active CPL
    Education provides knowledge
    Knowledge is key to everything


    Kaydon Hobbs

    Hey y'all, I am Kaydon Hobbs in North Carolina, retired Detention Supervisor with local Sheriff's Office after 26 years in jail. Starting a whole lot of new things in my life right now. Don't know much about guns, ammo, conceal carry or armed self defense, but time to learn. Just smart enough to be some scared of it all and appreciate those of you that have been Guardians in some way for so long … thanks


    Lonnie Jr

    Hello .. I'm Lonnie Norman…I'm A 58 Yr Old Retired Southern Born And Bred Truck Driver….I Enjoy Shooting My Guns With My Children And Friends…I've Made A Nice Shooting Area With Cut-out Plywood Targets …That Are Placed In Various Distance….The Guns My Family Owns Are 380 (Lady's Special),9mm,40S&W,45 Glock W/ Laser Sight And AR-15…



    Hello My name is Richard Gonyea retired Law Enforcement was trained to be a Hostage Negotiator, Gang Intelligence ,I was a Team Leader for CIU Crisis Intervention Unit .Now I do photography and believe 100% in the 2 nd Amendment Just always remember Train Train and be safe and carry on it may save your life one day or a loved one even someone you don’t know get insurance in case you need it hopefully you don’t ever need it and know the laws for carrying for all 50 States again train don’t just stand and shoot at paper get the heart beating and deep breaths be safe not sorry God Bless America


    Shirley Hilscher

    Hello. My name is Shirley Hilscher. I am a 10 year ‘retired’ veteran of the USAF. I live in south Texas and I love my guns and my freedom. For many that don’t know, securing our southern most border is a real deal. I’m about 2.5-3 hours from the Mexico border and for the most part, these illegals who come across only want a job or chance to earn some money. But it’s the other percentage of illegals I worry about. A person has to be ready for anything with these individuals. I don’t want to be a victim. I want to be ready. Hence the subscription to CC.


    Kevin Christie

    Hi, I'm Kevin Christie. I work in wireless telecom after nearly 7 years service in the Marine Corps. I am highly patriotic and believe that our 2nd amendment rights are God given and cannot be taken away unless we allow it. I enjoy shooting rifles, shotguns and pistols. I am a concealed weapons permit holder and carry pretty much daily. I believe in constant, quality training to keep my skills sharp and look forward to the resources a membership to this site will afford me.



    Hi Guardians, My name is Jerry Apodaca. I'm in Fire Captain in Sacramento CA. Grew up in the foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Love the rural life which ALWAYS includes firearms. I have a Guardian Nation Challenge Coin (number 4). I have a CCW and am a USCCA member & NRA Lifetime member. I carry EVERYDAY. By far my favorite part of GN is the LIVE BROADCASTS and all the guests. I've learned so much along the way and look forward to every podcast. The Black Friday's are cool too. I'll be retiring at the end of the year and plan on traveling to some FREE states in search of a new place to call home. Recommendations are welcomed 🙂


    Michael Welborn

    Hello everyone. My name is Mike Welborn. I live in Marshall, Mo. Have had my ccw for a couple of years now and am always looking for good training vids and good place for advice when needed. Looks like Concealedcarry will be a good fit. Be safe,be prepared.😊


    Clark Allen

    Hello, I am a veteran.
    I belong to the ‘Sons of the American Revolution', The ‘Sons of Confederate Veterans and the ‘American Legion'.
    I believe in God and the American way of life.
    I believe we live in perilous times and have taught my sons, I hope, to survive.


    Michelle Carr

    Hi Everyone. My name is Mickey and I live in SE WV, transplanted of NW OH July of 2015 after I retired in January 2015 after 40 years as a surgical technician. I wanted a small hobby farm so that I could be a little more self sufficient/self reliant and part of that is being able to defend myself and my property. My husband was the one that knew more about guns than I did, but since he has passed it is time that I learn more about what I have so that I can use them appropriately. I do have a CCW, but am still a little leery of handguns. I am more comfortable with rifles and shotguns. My husband and I used to do Cowboy shooting and my favorite gun for that was the 20ga double barrel shotgun/coach gun. I am looking forward to learning more from the forum.

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