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    Jacob Paulsen

    May Issue VS Shall Issue: Shall Issue

    Issuing Authority: Indiana Handgun Licenses are issued by the Indiana State Police.

    Required Training: Indiana does not require applicants for a license to carry a handgun to undergo training testing in firearms safety.

    How to Apply: As of October 1, 2014, all applications are made online. There are no more paper applications.

    Non-Residents: Permits issued to Residents and Non-residents

    Renewal: Valid for four years or lifetime

    Processing Time: Up to 60 days

    Cost: Initial cost is $49.95 (4 years) or $134.95 (lifetime)

    Change of Address: You have 60 days to update your Indiana Handgun License once your name or address has been changed.

    Required to Notify Law Enforcement: No

    Places Off Limits When Carrying:

    Federal restrictions include all Federal Buildings, National monuments, National memorials, secure areas.

    State Restrictions include:

    • In or On School Property.
    • On a school bus
    • In or on property that is being used by a school for a school function
    • Private School(IC 20*9.1*1*3) & (IC 35*41*1*24.7)
    • Head Start (IC 35*41*1*24.7)
    • Preschool (IC 35-41-1-24.7)
    • IC 35*47*9*1Allows the carry of firearms by persons permitted to possess and who are transporting a person to or from school or a school function.
    • On an aircraft
    • Controlled access areas of an airport
    • During annual State Fair 80 IAC 4-4-4 (Must lock in vehicle)
    • Shipping port 130 IAC 4-1-8 (Controlled by Indiana Port Commission)
    • A riverboat Casino

    Private Property Prohibitions: “ highly recommends that you not enter a place that is posted “No Firearms” no matter what the state laws read/mean on signage. We recommend you print out the No Guns = No Money Cards and give one to the owner of the establishment that has the signage.” As responsible gun owners and upholders of the 2nd Amendment we should also honor the rights of property owners to control their own property even if we disagree with them.” “No Firearm” signs in Indiana have no force of law unless they are posted on property that is specifically mentioned in State Law as being off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry. If you are in a place not specifically mentioned in the law that is posted and they ask you to leave, you must leave. If you refuse to leave then you are breaking the law and can be charged. Even if the property is not posted and you are asked to leave you must leave. Always be aware of the possibility that responding Police Officers who may have been called without your knowledge and may not know the laws on trespass etc. could arrest you even if you are within the law.

    State Website: Indiana

    Current Reciprocity Map:

    Indiana CCW Map

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