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    (The .22 Rifles Have Scopes on Them !!! )
    She is my 85yo Aunt, and the local Law Enforcement is Doing Nothing ! What would USCCA Legal Team Recommended Action to Take?
    You have her Permission to Share for Education & Training use.

    Tuesday evening, XXXXXXX was standing in her kitchen in Glencoe. She had just finished cooking dinner and helping her plate.

    That's when she heard the gunshots.

    When she went to see where they were coming from, one came through her window and sailed through a living room, striking her where she was standing in the kitchen, dinner plate still in hand.

    “It almost knocked my leg out from under me, it was such a trauma until, I didn't really know what to think for a few minutes,” XXXXXXXX recalls.

    XXXXXXXX grabbed her phone and went into a back room, “not knowing if there would be any more shots or not,” she recalls.

    The bullet went into her thigh, nearly coming out the other side of her leg. The wound kept her overnight at Gadsden Regional Medical Center, before she came home Wednesday.

    And the bullet is still there.

    “Due to the extent of what they might have to do to my leg, they determined it's easier to leave the bullet like it is. Down the road it may have to have surgery,” XXXXXXXX says.

    Glencoe police and family members later discovered that bullet that sailed into the XXXXXXX home was actually one of at least four or five. In addition to the one that came through the window, a second went through an outer wall and through her china cabinet.

    Two or three more hit her Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV, which was parked in her garage. Two hit her tailgate, and either one more, or a ricochet from one of the other two, took out the rear liftgate glass.

    Her son, XXXXXXX, tells WBRC the bullets apparently came from two teenaged boys, aged 13 and 14, who were playing with .22 rifles nearby. He says he doesn't think he knows them and never heard their names given. He says his understanding from talking to police, is that the bullets that came onto his mother's property were possibly accidental, but questions whether the guns were handled responsibly.

    Glencoe police have said little about the case, since it's a juvenile case, but did acknowledge they've confiscated the guns used in the shooting.

    Chief Tim Diggs tells WBRC his department still investigating, and the case will be turned over to the juvenile probation office after the two boys are questioned, with parents or an attorney present.

    XXXXXXXXXX says Glencoe police have been to her house every day since the shooting, and WBRC's Dixon Hayes arrived at the XXXXXX home just as Chief Diggs and Investigator Keenan Mackenzie were leaving Thursday morning. She says she's satisfied with their handling of the case.

    As for the shooting itself, she says, “it was a trauma.” She also has a message for any parents whose children may have guns or access to them.

    “Parents or families that have guns in the home, have children in the home, that they be aware of the safety of what these guns can do, and what these guns might do, and that they teach their children the safety, of how to handle guns,” she says.

    Copyright 2016 WBRC. All rights reserved


    Jacob Paulsen

    Thank you for sharing. This is an interesting story. A couple of teenagers doing some foolish things with .22 rifles. Since they are juveniles it changes their protection to privacy and the types of crimes they are likely to be charged with.

    We are working on some new material for our website about children and gun safety and this will be a good example to use to illustrate some points.


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