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How and Why We Should "Manage" our Students

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    Jacob Paulsen

    Just saw this news story:

    It makes be think about the precautions we need to take when dealing with students. Here are a couple of initial thoughts off the top of my head…

    -While having large groups is dangerous… being one on one with a stranger is also dangerous.
    -Lending our firearm to a student… leaving us disarmed is clearly a bad idea.
    -Being down range when students are in control of firearms is problematic… a second range safety officer can help manage this.



    Terrible story and hard to complete prevent a committed person from doing something like this.

    Some things we should do with our students
    – Talk with them before and during class to understand their motivation. It might help prevent an accident like this but it will help you make the class more meaningful for your students
    – The gun you are carrying if for yourself. If they student needs to borrow a firearm then you should allow them to borrow another gun.
    – Make sure you have the skill to redirect a firearm if the muzzle starts to point toward anything that should not be covered by the muzzle. This will prevent you from getting shot and anything else from getting shot.
    – Get trained in trauma medicine for yourself and your students.
    – Always have a RSO or second instructor on the range. You can't watch everything but a second set of eyes can see more.
    – Ensure anyone you take to the range know how to safely handle a firearm and if they do not give you a good feeling suggest they come back again or refund their money.

    Think about making sure you make it home after each class.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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